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I’m often asked for advice on a number of things and I freely respond because, you know, I was asked.

Over the years, that’s earned me the title of “Auntie Stacy” in nearly every job and personal relationship I’ve had. Generally, an issue comes up and someone eventually says, “Just ask Auntie Stacy; she’ll know what to do.”

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not the know-it-all who’s always got something to say about everything. But if asked my advice about something, and if I can give a good piece of advice, I will. But if I can’t, or I don’t know the answer, I will admit that freely. And if I’m wrong about something, I will own that (like that time back in 1993…but that’s another story).

Now that I’m working from home (and I use the term “working” as more of a catchall phrase to include those times when I’m mostly just looking at red carpet fashion mishaps), the Auntie Stacy questions have shifted to emails, texts, and video chats, and the scope has expanded from work- and career-related, to home and life issues.

It seems that in the midst of this newfound life that none of us were searching for, a lot of us are looking for answers to all kinds of issues, and we don’t always know whom to ask. People I don’t know are now asking me for advice because they’ve been referred by someone who knows me, or someone who knows someone who knows me.

My goal is always to give the best answer. Sometimes that requires me to do a bit of research, which inevitably leads me down a few rabbit holes, which sometimes leaves me with a head full of relatively useless information.

But it’s only useless until someone needs it. And when they do, it’s good to have it. It’s good to know things.

And with the exception of my height, weight, race, gender, siblings, parents, and access to gold, I am very much like the ever-wise Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones: “I drink and I know things.”

Many of the questions I’ve received are related to writing (because that’s what I do for a living). But some are related to potentially career-ending #MeToo moves (because not everyone can comment on Zoom camera angles). And some are food-related (because you need to know what to do with the 10 lbs. of flour you bought in a moment of empty-shelf panic although you have no cake pans — and I’m not judging you).

This knowledge-sharing has been great because it’s allowed me to do what I’ve always wished I had more time to do: read, write, analyze red carpet fashion mishaps, and solve other people’s problems.

And that’s got me to thinking about all of you who may have lost your “work-Aunties” as a result of downsizing or layoffs or furloughs or wfh-until-further-notice directives. Maybe one or two of you need some insight or advice on something, but you’ve lost access to your “work-Auntie” and calling her would be weird because you only ever spoke to her as part of a group.

Or maybe you’re a bit uneasy or embarrassed about what you want to ask because your question might reveal too much info about you, so you’d rather not ask someone you actually know.

Maybe you think you should already know the answer to your question and you don’t want anyone else to know that you don’t know.

Maybe you’ve googled but didn’t quite find what you were looking for; or you can’t figure out what to google to actually find what you’re looking for.

Maybe you’ve confused Alexa and she’s gone silent.

Maybe Siri pretends to be asleep but you know she’s just willfully and deliberately ignoring you because sometimes Siri sounds like she’s got an attitude….(or maybe that’s just me…).

If you need a go-to-Auntie, I’m volunteering! Just Ask Stacy is your new go-to place for advice that will help you solve the problems of your career, your life, and possibly what to cook for dinner.

I’m not saying I have the all the answers, but I am willing to help if I can.

Send me a message with your question or leave your question in the responses section below. Each week I’ll respond to your questions (scrubbed of any personal or identifying details) in a new post, and provide you with some straightforward guidance and direction (emphasis on the word “straightforward” because life’s too short for you to be walking around clueless).

For the record — I’m not an expert on everything (although I’ve totally mastered rum cake and I can tell you for sure when your participles are dangling). My answers are what I think and what I know based on my own experience or what I’ve researched enough to have sufficient corroborating evidence to make it reasonably right and ok to share with someone else. You should do your own research to be sure.

Also for the record — please remember to be courteous and considerate. The rules and guidelines of this platform apply. This is not a place for hatred, trolling, or intolerance.

So let’s get started. You’ve got issues. I’ve got some thoughts. Let’s put them together and sort out your life.

Go ahead. I’m listening.

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writer of words, righter of wrongs, traveler of worlds, lover of chocolate, avoider of veggies; find me at globalstacy7@gmail.com

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