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you tell me of your love for another as if it is a revelation
something true and new
as if we did not exist

I listen in anticipation
watching my closure
close in

I see your new life
have known of its possibility since before we met
that you would not last
could not manage this,
me, so heavy and full
of expectation and want

it is not your way to be so used
for so long, for a lifetime or a few years
expiration dates must be
managed, resolved by two,
ten at most
beyond that consumes too much
and others wait
to be soothed

the erasure will be complete, sure
no time for a reckoning

snow will fall
rain perhaps first

then light, fresh light
clear, clean
and unabused

Written by

writer of words, righter of wrongs, traveler of worlds, lover of chocolate, avoider of veggies; find me at

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